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About Us

WildRoc Travel Agent Limited “WildRoc Travels” is a full registered limited company dedicated in provision of reliable travel solutions and tour services at the most reasonable cost while paying attention to Environmental Sustainability and Responsible Tourism by supporting movements on living a Greener Lifestyle.

The Company’s focus is to offer memorable experiences in natural environments, promoting respect for the environment and the community that is why we care about the interaction with the traveler as well as inspiring others falling in love with love for nature.

Our aim is to develop our business in the travel industry in line with the government policy to support the country tourism industry as one of key source of the national income and help the future generation to continue enjoying the world’s original beauty/creation.

Our love for nature is embedded in every service we offer since we are passionate about Ecotourism, sustainable tourism and travel in general.
We provide end-to-end travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of travel and tourism suppliers by offering wide range of travelling packages for each destination. We also provide outdoor recreation, consulting on travel essentials and events management.

WildRoc Travels is the Company where the owners are nature and travel lovers.

We breathe travel so we live it and endeavor to share experiences and memories with others. We believe that you can only give or share what you have and that is exactly what we offer, part of our life short story combined with professionalism and career aspirations on Travel and Tourism.

We let you experience the special interaction with nature, rural and urban communities so as to encounter and exchange unique natural and cultural aspects as well as touching communities in needy.

We expertly handle local and international travel services; including air ticketing and reservations, special and customized tours from simple to unique destinations for business or pleasure trips, hotel accommodations as well as car rentals.

At WildRoc Travels, everything is overseen by the owners hence bringing customized services and satisfaction. We closely observe and carefully listen to our customers’ requirements and respond with a sense of satisfaction to guarantee quality and amazing experience beyond just travelling.

The founders, strongly believes that travel and Tourism isn’t just a business rather a passion and purpose that brings a lot of joy through exploring the world, visiting new places, upholding natural environment and Reaching Others for Love of God.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To find solution to travellers & tours in attention to details basis and deliver to customer needs in order to meet the customer satisfaction and make customer’s trip the most memorable one.
  2. Looking for opportunities and challenges in travel and tourism industry and to design customized solutions.
  3. To participate in increasing awareness of nature and initiate / engage in programs relating to community and environmental sustainability.
  4. To promote tourism in Tanzania with the aim of achieving number of tourists
  5. To develop and market unique travel and tour packages in partnership with relevant stakeholders in the industry.
  6. To search for information on international and domestic best flight schedules and deals to be able to serve clients within their budgets.
  7. To source for the best deals from the suppliers including hotels, car rentals, historical sites, parks and other tourist sites.
Company Value

We’re the ultimate trip planners.

  • I Love – love for Nature and Communities is our power to connect the world
  • I top-care my customers – Our client is central and vital to our business.
  • I am aware – I conduct business while taking cognizance of the community and the environment
  • I am unique – We embrace creativity and team work to ensure client satisfaction
  • I respect – I treat internal and external clients with dignity and responsibility.


To be one of the renowned and reliable travel Agency that offers Customized Services with high concern on Environment and Responsible Tourism.


We seek to find impeccable solutions and add value to our clients by offering smart travel packages to meet customer satisfaction and help them live an experience which will be cherished for a lifetime.


What they say about us

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